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Why Feeling for Healing?

Feeling for Healing represents an ethos that in order to heal from our traumas and stressors we need to first feel the emotions attached to these. Instead of seeing feelings as the enemy we encourage our clients to feel them without measure and without judgement. Once we can tune in and truly experience these emotions we can start to hear their messages; they become normal, tolerable, and justified.

Over time, society has vilified many emotions and as we have become busier we have learnt to ignore them, some of us go so far as doing our best to drown them in substances, and distraction. But these feelings, as with all matters of the mind, are inextricably experienced within the body as well. And so the longer we ignore them the longer they sit stored in the cells of our body, wired into our cognitions and behaviours.

So here we provide a space for the non-judgmental experience of feeling our emotions, for acknowledging their message for us, and then gently releasing them from the body. We use scientifically based interventions and techniques from the Neurosciences, Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Trauma Informed Studies.

Quite simply we promote feeling for healing!

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