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Kelly is such a kind, warm-hearted and empathetic individual and I highly recommend her services to all. 

Anon, NZ

Book Coaching Services

  • For those wanting a full consultation session.

    1 hr 20 min

    120 New Zealand dollars
  • A full 50-minute session for more in-depth on-going work.

    50 min

    80 New Zealand dollars
  • A shorter one-on-one coaching session for those short on time.

    20 min

    40 New Zealand dollars
  • A single information and technique session to get you back on track.

    1 hr

    110 New Zealand dollars
  • A personalised Mindfulness experience tailored to your preferences.

    25 min

    35 New Zealand dollars
  • An individualised one-on-one guided breathwork sequence for relaxation...

    25 min

    35 New Zealand dollars

  • Started Jan 1, 1970

    470 New Zealand dollars

Booking your coaching session with Feeling for Healing is easier than you think. Simply select the service you wish to book by clicking on the 'book now' buttons, select a date and time that works for you from the available slots, then head on through to the checkout. Why not stop by our online store while your here also with our combined cart and Afterpay available. Once you've completed the checkout you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to access our online office for your appointment. As easy as that!

Not sure which service is right for you?


Our sessions are designed to be flexible so focus on the length of time you feel you have available and what you want to achieve in that session. In general, the initial consultation is 1hour 20 minutes to allow for a thorough history, goal setting, and initial planning discussions. Our follow up Consultations are 50 minutes long and perfect for clients wanting to deeper work and hold space for longer talks as well as practical experiencing. Our Micro coaching sessions are excellent for those who want a knowledge and practical skill building session or those who are just short on time. Just want a one off chat to sound board and take on as much knowledge as possible before implementing it on your own, our 1 hour long consultation is just for you. If  you want a customised guided mindfulness or breathwork session without the coaching and goal setting our stand alone sessions are just the ticket.

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