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Anxiety Grounding Necklace- Single bead

Anxiety Grounding Necklace- Single bead

GST Included

These beautiful handmade necklaces are designed with the descrete fidgeter in mind.


Made with genuine natural stones and presented on a delicate stirling silver snake chain these bring the best of functional fashion.


Each necklace features a carefully selected bead and frame which independantly swivel providing a satisfying yet subtle fidget tool for extra sensory stimulation, grounding, or refocusing. 


These are set on longer chains (60cm or 24") and can be tucked into many necklines for discretion or worn outside clothing as a stunning fashion piece. The longer length provides a more comfortable range of use as well.


Using these necklaces is very simple, simply roll the natural smooth stone bead between your fingers or flip the frame around. For sensory stimulation this can be done absent mindedly without disrupting those around you making these excellent for work and social gatherings. As a grounding or refocussing tool for stress, overwhelm, and anxiety the user can direct their attention to the jewlery piece  noticing the way the necklace feels, how the bead rolls in their fingers, the textural differences, and weight. 


Not only do these necklaces look great but they feature natural stones selected for their calming nature and association with anxiety and stress relief.


Blue Apatite: Manifestation, Creativity, Wisdom, and Clarity. In connection to the chakras Blue Apatite is associated with both the throat and third eye chakras, helping with both self-expression and connection of self to ones spirituality.


Aquamarine (blue-green Beryl): Calming, Meditative, Emotional Clarity, Good Luck/Protection. Being blue, aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra and speaking ones truth.


Morganite (pink-purple Beryl): Emotional Healing, Divine love, and Peace. Associated with the Heart chakra, morgonite is a passionate stone nurturing love, healing, and compassion.


Heliodor (Golden Beryl): Strength, Confidence, Motivation, and Willpower. Assosiated with the solar plexus chakra this stone can help ease the stomoch discomfort, and nausea often associated with stress and anxiety.


Lava Stone: Connection to earth, Strength and courage in times of stress and change. A deeply grounding stone associated with the base chakra. Due to its porous structure lava stone can hold aromatherapy oils for added benefits.



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